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8.He's the Juggernaut, bitch

As Seen In:
X-Men: The Last Stand

Why It Sucks:
The awesomeness of a comic book movie tends to be directly proportional to how seriously the director takes the source material. So, it was a little troubling when the X-Men franchise handed the reins to Brett Ratner, a director who built his career on films like Money Talks and the Rush Hour franchise, in which black people talk differently than white people, and that fact is deemed hilarious.

Pretty much every fan's fears were confirmed by one piece of cinematic chimp fuckery that earned Ratner a place in the comic world's Hall of Douchebags. Before the film went into production, a meme called "The Juggernaut Bitch" was sweeping the Web, in which an X-Men cartoon is overdubbed so that the characters talk like pimps and other insulting black stereotypes, while teenagers giggle audibly in the background.

Ratner was apparently inspired by the video's zero-effort popularity, and decided to insert the line into the fucking film as a nod and wink to its fans. So, we get the once momentously badass Juggernaut breaking the fouth wall to deliver this line that makes no goddamned sense in the context of the scene. But, why worry about things like that, right, Brett? After all, it's just a comic book movie, right?

As appreciative as the hip kids in the Family Guy demographic were that Ratner decided to throw them a bone, it probably wasn't worth ruining what should have been the best of the X-Men trilogy.

"Worst Ever" Meter: 5

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Matthew told Britain’s Daily Telegraph newspaper: “As it happens, I could have made something a hundred times better than the film that was eventually made. It sounds arrogant, but I could have done something with far more emotion and heart. I’m probably going to be told off for saying that, but I genuinely believe it.”

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Brake This! Q&A with 'Rush Hour 3' Director Brett Ratner

Robert Sims
Special to Hollywood.com

HW: Going back to Rush Hour 3, what's harder? Being a part of franchise from beginning to end? Or, in the cases of Red Dragon and X-Men: The Last Stand, building upon the work of other directors?

BR: The hardest thing is Rush Hour 3. Harder even, in retrospect now that I've completed both films, than X-Men 3. Rush Hour 3 is harder because I've done the other two. The pressure is on the three of us. I want to make them happy. They want to make me happy. We're constantly challenging ourselves. And it all feels so familiar. Every scene is déjà vu. So how do I top this? How do I do make this better? How do I take this to another level?

HW: After the beating you received from X-Men fans when you took inherited the franchise from Bryan Singer, did you feel like you got the last laugh when The Last Stand proved to be the most successful in the series?

BR: Bryan Singer gave me the best advice. He said, ""Whatever you do, do not read [what's on] the Internet. They hate you and they hated me when I did the first movie, and they're going to hate you and just don't pay attention to them."" I'm happy I didn't, because when it was over, I turned on the computer and I looked at it and thought these people were insane. They wanted [Anna Paquin's] Rogue has to be star…. I don't think I could have done the first movie as well as Bryan did. He created the universe. But it's ridiculous people say I ruined the franchise. It was the biggest one of them all…. I know that people who know the X-Men universe know what a good movie it is.

HW: You tried to make Superman with an unknown. How did you feel when Warner Bros. allowed Bryan Singer to cast an unknown as the Man of Steel?

BR: I understood why. My version—really, I have to say, J.J. Abrams' version—came in at $280 million. So how were [Warner Bros.] going to cast an unknown with that investment? They probably would have spent the money had I gotten a star. In my opinion, you couldn't make Superman with Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise is Tom Cruise. He's not Superman. If Bryan had ended up doing my version of the movie, and had gotten an unknown, I would have been pissed off. But everybody knew if Brett Ratner could not put this movie together, nobody is going to be able to do it. Bryan had a whole new concept, which cost $180 million, which was more reasonable. And they took the risk with an unknown. [Singer] made the right choice. You need an unknown for Superman.

HW: Did you and Singer have a friendly bet over whose comic-book movie would perform better at the box office?

BR: We don't compete like that. We did consciously swap, though. No, I'm kidding. It was ironic. When I left Superman, I was bummed out. I thought, Bryan has X-Men. [Sam] Raimi's got Spider-Man. [Christopher] Nolan's doing Batman. There are no more franchises…. And when Bryan left, I said, I've got to get X-Men. I love comic books. X-Men was not one of the comic books I read growing up, but I loved the cartoon and I wanted to do a comic-book movie. I was saddened that Bryan wasn't going to do the third [X-Men]—I can't imagine not doing the third Rush Hour. I couldn't let it go.

HW: Then that does mean you will one day do Rush Hour 4?

BR: I think it's contingent on the success of [Rush Hour 3]. If the movie's a big hit, the studios going to back to Chris, Jackie and I and give us a gazillion dollars to go make the next one. But it depends on the performance. It's hard now. There are so many movies out. When we did Rush Hour 2 in 2001, there wasn't a lot of movies. There wasn't five or six 3's out. Now there are so many blockbusters that it's hard to survive.

HW: Surely it helps being the summer's last ""threquel""?

BR: We've saved the best for last.

Source: New York Post
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So far, the movie's getting a 22% rating, which is 'rotten'.  Anyone surprised? No, I didn't think so. :) 


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What has the movie director done to upset the fanboys and film-loving bloggers so deeply?
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